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Laurène CEUX
Experienced French Teacher

Learning a new language is often both an exciting and disrupting challenge. It is the key to communication but also to integration allowing people to reinvent themselves within a new culture.

Grounded on my large experience in teaching French as foreign language, I’ve created my own methodology by means of tailor-made exercises and worksheets as well as a personalized pedagogy based not only on sensory channels (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) but also on the potential of each student having as primary goal your progression within an adapted, safe and caring learning environment.

My main goal is to help you overcome your difficulties and I will put all of my energy into it.

I also make use of music as motivating factor during the first minutes of the class. It allows you not only to improve the pronunciation in a fun way but it also favours the learning immersion encouraging your brain to switch to French and creating a positive mindset for the learning process.

Your goals are my goals and I’m here to guide you all the way through this adventure.

  • Instituto de Comunicación Internacional, Guadalajara (Mexico) 2007-2009
    Teaching French as a Foreign Language. Levels A1 to C1
    Teaching French language with specific objectives to Hewlett Packard employees
    Developing educational materials (placement tests)
  • Training center Greta Val Bugey Léman, Belley (France) 2012
    Teaching French to adult migrants in the CIAT company
    Preparation for the DELF A1 and A2 Pro exams
  • Rectorat de Lyon (France) 2013-2014
    Teaching French to high school migrant students
    Preparation for the DELF A1 and A2 exams
  • École de Langue Française et d’Informatique, Geneva (Switzerland) 2016-2020
    Teaching French. Levels A1 to C1
    Preparation for the DELF B1, B2 and DALF C1 exams

“ I had a very special learning experience with Laurene.
Beyond helping all students on how to learn a new and challenging language, Laurene, with her positive attitude, fun and high energy, is able to encourage each student to explore his/her own capacity and confidence to achieve all steps to master the french language.
Laurene’s competencies comprise the didactic knowledge and also a very strong sensibility to identify the best ways to adapt her methodology to each student, based on his/her skills, potential and needs.
With Laurene, I learned french very fast and always enjoying the journey! ”
— Maria

“ Conquer the world
through a personalized and motivational approach.
You are at the heart of your learning process
and consequently you are
the main actor of your success. ”

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